FREE Receiving – No charge for receiving your shipments

FREE Inspecting – No charge for inspecting you items

  • Poly Bag

    Items as needed 50¢ per item

  • Bubble Wrap

    Items as needed 40¢per item

  • Bundling Items

    $1.75 up to 10 items in 1 bundle (poly-bag, funks included in the $1.75) (pricing as low as $1. customized plans available.)

  • Kitting

    If you have multiple different items that are required to be put together to make 1 new product – up to 5 items $1.75 per kit over 5 items $2.25 per kit

  • Box Labeling

    All boxes that receive a shipping label are $4

  • Boxes

    Small boxes are included in the $4 charge (w/ the shipping labeled boxes). If medium or large boxes are needed, there is an additional $3 charge per box.

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